When one thinks of America [the U.S. and not North America], one thinks of the freedom and rights one can have and attain as their own. To think of liberty and justice for all… and yet today, ‘We’ could be so wrong. Let me explain! There are cases in America where Muslim families that came here [seeking freedom from the cruelties of the oppressive qualities exerted by Sharia law] find themselves still afflicted by its control over them- even when it comes in conflict with the legality of our own public policy, court decisions or the Constitutionality of it happening in America. How is this possible? Is it a conspiracy [YEAH, I know… the ‘C’ word] among judges to defer to its usage when question arises to being Muslim first- before being American. I see this as a miscarriage of justice and a travesty to our legal system, where and when our own laws would stop being used by reason of nullification to their relevance. Are “We” putting our children “in harm’s way” to ensure: the continuation of our loss of identity, declaring our legal system unable to be useful or even ineligible to be applied, slighting the understanding of ‘The Great Writ [Habeus Corpus, and this stemming from Judeo-christian beliefs],” even denying the protections afforded others under our legal system as we know it to be? If it is attempting to become ‘separate but equal’ again then we are watching the demise of that which made us a beacon to look up to… and “We” shall see the return of ‘Jim Crow’ in our lifetime.