Imagine serving your country, this one,

and when you go to a memorial, they say,

“Sorry, it’s closed.” This is happening as

the government is shut down [what the hay],

there is no understanding what was given

to be able to have their say, one should pray…

to know nothing of the respect of liberty

which is due is to think you know and bray,

be you elephant or donkey… there should never

be a blockage to liberty’s honor in our way,

disrespect shown our warriors by any of

our own government: black, white or grey

is a slap to our sense of valued consciousness…

and leaves DC to its own nuts in the drey.

Drey: nest of a squirrel

Can there be no understanding so inclusive as one that would include liberty for one over another, spiting those who served [where is dignity and respect here], and yet claim it to be the “flame of liberty it was meant to be for everyone?” It was OK to deny Veterans, in DC, but OK for “Camino Americano” to assemble [on the National Mall], in DC, for an amnesty rally! Shame on you DC… no bastion of liberty are you exemplifying but a den of vipers and thieves [thieves of honor denied our servicemen and women], with prima face evidence for showing the most heinous display of cruelty ever committed against our own this country has ever seen- against the best this country has ever known.

My ship's motto and a point of view on "how we should grant honor and respect [given the dignity they deserve] our Veterans"

My ship’s motto and a point of view on “how we should grant honor and respect [given the dignity they deserve] our Veterans”

See the news articles for yourself [or commentary] and come to your own conclusions.

I bear no grudge against my Mexican ‘Brothers and Sisters’ here but see DC as trying to make a political football out of both Veterans and any other they might like to try and use- this is everyone of us. I respect Vets and the service they have given us with their lives… in order for us all to gain a voice but when DC would attempt to pit one against another for this same liberty and call it dignified [just like corporate America waving a flag and hiring whomever they will] it makes a mockery of the ideals this country has stood for- void of hope on “An American Road.” Let’s see the game they play on US as We look on this- seeking an ‘Honorable Discharge’ of justice for all.