The date of September 11th [9-11], 2001, makes one think of many thoughts, some of which are now seared into our very way of life… and will be memories we will never forget. From these memories come consequences to affect us very personally, the effects to continue with: people we loved and lost, changes to our national psyche, legalistic and detrimental  intrusion(s) demanding we capitulate [for our own good] and surrendering freedom(s) for the false sense of security.

If there ever was freedom… it was found in our being: unrestricted in our actions, honoring and respecting each persons right to believe as they will [without being offended]… and knowing we too have the same right and freedom to believe differently than views expressed by another- these are the values America came to cherish. When we abolished slavery we stood side by side with those we freed from this evil of humanity [even though we did not shake free from the thoughts of the chains themselves that bound us all].

Please understand one thing about this date, it was used before the year 2001, and a very significant speech was given. Just eleven years earlier [on this same day] came a speech to rally those we see today as being against the very freedoms we, as Americans, have enjoyed for many years. The lives of those lost in the military were for us to [secure] ensure future generations would have and maintain these same ideals… and we dishonor their memory if we allow what they died (to grant us) to defend- the right to American jurisprudence and our sovereignty. Lose no time to thoughts of our freedom… or to the ability to do as you would choose to- even if you disagree with this piece you will be doing so with the freedom to choose to see things as you desire- a freedom I feel you have the right to. What I do not feel you have the right to do, as an American, is to impel me to be: silent, complacent or disrespecting the uniforms of the Armed Servicemen that have fallen to give me the right to my own belief(s).

Yesterday gave rise to this speech to go into Syria [or not]… and I think American lives or equipment should not be used to benefit either side of a Civil War there- let alone aid or abet a known enemy found in Al Qaida [supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood]. Here is C-span coverage found here and the need for three questions we should all ask ourselves here. The question remains… what do you remember of September 11th [9-11] and what have you done to ensure America remains as it has been? Here is another archive by National Geographic found here.

Was it really worth the cost?

Was it really worth the cost?