Where is honor to life if death is sought…

what madness is this that we have bought?

There is no love when selfishness is protected-

no growth found if love itself is then rejected,

what claims to truth when lies are encouraged…

the lies of anyone to secure less discouraged,

plain horror of ‘honor killing’ is enough to know

this history needs to stop, maturity can grow

to include the woman as an equal to man…

free the woman and free the soul- you can.

In some cultures it is OK to kill a woman if [it is thought] dishonor is one possibility the family may be subjected to. To stop a life… to grant a family to be clear of disgrace. There is nothing to be gained but: a loss of human life [possibly a young (female) life], risk to injury is relative to view and the disconnected concern for human life is assumed to be the only relativity desired- it is learned as an expectation and removed from concerns life brings with it in its totality.