The incident in Woolwich left one man

beheaded [in England] for what cause?

This localized event sets the stage for

anyone to then point fingers at our flaws,

and the biggest flaw not talked about is

the net of diverse cultural difference…

the same net used the world over, the one

forsaking need… cause and inference,

in the U.S. we say,”E pluribus unum,” from

many one, meaning we are [now] American,

and if not accepting of our ways… we

are left pockets of ethnicity by plan,

assimilation is the key but if another

would force fashions of whence they came,

disregard for where they are now is the

nature of its design, thus it’s a new game,

cat and mouse… the dodgy art of subtle

deception masks the rule laws hold and claim,

replaced “The Magna Carta” with Sharia Law-

as if it would assume it better by it’s aim,

did not “The Great Writ” provide protection

from tyranny, established christian values?

Instead, now we see destabilized regard

for one man [and many more], new venues,

so to truth… that which is undone has then

turned to blame, forsaken truth to report,

and it stands to reason for this insurgence

grand cause and flood increase to deport,

to turn one’s nose away from the truth is

found to invite the Master’s house to ruin,

we left the door open… the thief came

in and helped himself, the thief accruin’,

to rise and replace all values held dear…

stolen in plain sight of human rights denied,

to no avail found we, the footholds now

removed, to keep the designs of all we tried,

we did not [were not allowed] to use soundness

of the decisions of our leaders, foot-to-fire,

in the grand scheme beyond our grasp… told

it was the best [whose truth], heard we the liar.