Knowledge to counter the word that is

spoken in churches is savored with glee…

how is it that they do not understand

love, as I do, or you would listen to me?

They would rather listen to the directions

of false prophets with stubbornness of heart,

to worship the idols of transgression, an

ear to strange lips… no sea to soon part,

Thy heart, dear Lord, is the way… the path

to enlightenment, they listen not to Your word,

will they not walk in the way of love, they

hold no regard for truth,”It is not that,” is heard!

When it is the lessons of the flesh to please

Thee, to make a joyful noise to reach Your ear,

I find myself being less than blameless but

seek Your continence, Your judgement I fear.

On this Fourth of July, 2013… I will ponder the deeper meaning to: the best car in North America [is that us?], recommended human population to sustain life with depleted natural habitat left or the reasons for massive apartment complexes, the green movement and being forced to pay for abortion related issues [eugenics].