Camels all in line
wind swept dune tops to the dawn
souls carried on home

“The caravan approaches, Father,” the young boy
said, as he ran back in the tent,
he was almost out of breath but his Father looked
over and grinned by his intent,
“They call this one ‘the caravan of souls,’ my son,” the
Father said,“ready your things,”
“I’m all packed up,” the boy smiled as he said it,“my soul
knows what makes it sings,”
“Good… now go make haste son, before it reaches the
gate of the new great city,
for those that do not make it before the sun sets this day
will reserve no more pity,”
with that the young boy was off in a flash… and not long
to be standing ready,
“Now don’t be anxious and forget the heart of compassion
as told to be so steady,”
“I have it Father… I’ve been ready since the day they told us
to, a year or more,”
“I’m proud of you my son,” the Father said, and tears streamed
down his chin… no chore,
“And I of you Father, I can think of no one else I’d rather please
than you,” his young eyes full,
“We are off to see eternity with the man that was God on Earth,
this the last Ark man to see,
We were warned the day would come,” he said,“Come my son… to
secure our eternity.”