Disregard the nationality of the man…

should this be so overt by one’s plan,

and see it as a ‘human rights’ issue,

the man imprisoned in Iran for belief…

should we not implore and cause relief?

If we don’t try is to grab another tissue.

Hands up we gain an American wife tears,

left alone for years and unresolved fears…

and our children see their fate we’d ensue.

When we leave one behind… we can be left behind ourselves. Is this the lesson we are trying to tell our children, to ensure this generation leaves not one shred of concern… ensuring our children do this same thing to us when it is their time?

There is a push for more signatures to ‘free an imprisoned Father’ in an Iranian prison for what he believes. You can go to…

SaveSaeed.org    and sign this to help, more than a half MILLION AMERICANS have already done this. The slogan right now is,”Reach three” (more), and we could really use your help… won’t you help free an American Father [also an American Pastor] and his Family from this nightmare?

See what the UDHR [Universal Declaration of Human Rights] says on this and ask yourself two questions, did Iran vote in favor of this and does it act as if it cares to honor what it has agreed to?