The wife of a U.S. citizen, one sentenced and convicted under Shariah law… then thrown in an Iranian prison, goes before a Congressional hearing [friday… 3-15-2013] to rally the voice of the Executive branch of our government and gain attention. Her cause is for her husband and family. Our interest is paramount to due diligence of all our citizens. If we do not show our support or have an interest in the affairs of Americans abroad is to be aware NOTHING will change this obvious lack of concern for ONE OF OUR OWN. By the way, the young woman’s name is Nagmeh Abedini [a U.S. citizen] and her husband a Pastor, Saeed Abedini, and he was sentenced after trying to establish an orphanage for children. His crime: being a christian.

It would be nice to have half-a-million signatures on this petition, please help!Image