People cannot say, in the lands called ‘America,’ men did not die for her without thought to the hope freedom brings for her, and those that are from her. The freedom to choose one’s own fate and say by outcry,”What gives you the right to do as you have?” Is this not the same reason it was thought there was a higher law to be found than the natural laws, where ‘right and wrong’ exist,’ and it is this which enables us all to stand and criticize the laws of men- when they are wrong for the General Public? To diminish our own abilities and strengthen the hand of the enemy we were told about… men and women both fell in Iraq… and other stolen funds but whispered about still [yet we pay to Egypt to support the Moslem Brotherhood/against our ally Israel]. Without the chance to say it [so afraid it would offend someone] the chance goes by to end as a history read of an untimely worn mediocrity. Self evident truths can be found in braille for the seeing but unread… for lack of knowledge, and unfound for lack of need. It is not until one has lost something valued one can appreciate what one had… let it not be found the case in America itself, where complacency and ignorance to what ‘freedom means” will grow to be but a bygone memory. The phrase ‘E Pluibus Unum [from many one]’ cannot be understood if when one is affected no one cares. Forced to support something without redress or the willingness to provide for such support is where the difference between liberty and tyranny are best seen for what they are.ImageWhich picture do you like best?Image