“Shady grove, remember what happened

there,” will be the new battle cry,

abortion in the precarious spotlight for

yet another death by neglect to decry,

for a five (5) day procedure: Day one…

kill or murder the fetus [unborn human],

Day two… report the baby [fetus] as dead,

Day three… continue treatment as humane,

Day four… abortion not damaging enough,

Day five… finally botched killing Jennifer,

a twenty nine year old Jennifer Morbelli…

at the hands of late-term abortionist

practitioner LeRoy Carhart did dally,

told not to go to the Emergency Room for

further treatment… her own life to save,

what life giving concern for the patient

[if you could call her that],”Oh behave,”

it might as well have been done with

a sterile coat-hanger and Medical Degree(?),

licensed by the State but NEVER inspected…

no current illegal activities(?), not to me,

sure… I can respect your choice to have this

done but don’t expect me to praise you here,

for whatever reason you felt drove you to

this… did it with an unholy/unwholesome fear.

Can this be the straw that breaks ‘Planned Parenthood,’ to see an organization for what it is designed for… to enhance the Merchants celebrating Death. Now we are forced by mandate [taxed and made compliant] even if this goes against (1) our religious beliefs or (2) our own consciousness [our conscience]… the individual choice to decide if this is right or not. As far as popular belief… here are a few in commentary by Ed Koch. The movement to declare this more in line with rights neglects true concern and grief subjective of all that would attempt to find relief by abortion- for things done and the reasons for the very need for it to begin with. I cannot help but agree to it if there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. an unholy union: rape, incest or a valid concern for the Mother’s well being. I don’t see where just the direction to get one could override the importance to life itself. Life is not a punishment… it is the fruit of God’s blessing upon a married couple. By relinquishing the right to redress this grievance… or to demand Object, we have a removal of Representation wherein we are (again) with sordid doubt to where our Nation has taken us to, by legal maneuver and mechanism, and so taxed as if by tyrants of the past.