After being called “a closet hater”

by an acquaintance, for expressing

my dislike of Shariah Law in America,

I told him,”Yeah, I hate reactionaries… ,”

to which I could have added,”Ones that

respond with bigotry,” all to the La-la,

when tolerance to express one’s views

is not tolerated it is an atmosphere of

bigotry that exists, not freedom to enjoy,

there comes the day… so very soon…

you’ll not recognize this country as

from the time you were a girl or boy,

already those that declare you’re wrong

when you know you are right are those

whom would beat you if they could…

but those whom rely on: blind faith,

closed eyes and their finger to the

wind couldn’t help you if they would.

This is not about tolerance or intolerance when it comes right down to it… it is about creating an environment inspiring an emotional reaction to anything one can speak out about, of a: belief, thought, artistic expression, writing opposed to … or idea anyone could be driven to be against. Proof not required to justify this action [by reaction], and an ‘ex post facto’ desire to use the laws against hate crimes [as known today] will be rendered null and void. When the definition to discrimination, as is the debate today in Australia… to do it if they can, can change to be the same definition of what it means to be a party to ‘a hate crime,’ the decriminalization is the aim to this type of behavior and points to the primary goal of the law- promoting bigotry and fomenting what hate there is here, nurture it and allow it to grow as it exists.