Should the State Department be

interested in pushing for a U.S.

citizen’s release… in Iran?

I would hope they would nudge

the President who hasn’t budged,

and this would be in our plan.

To stand up for our own… as if

in battle, our allies too, and no

more tanks to Egypt if we can.

Be an inspiration and act like the

hero you are John… a sheer Marvel,

inspired by one named Stan.

With the lack of determination expressed, where the lack of concern for one U.S. Citizen by our standing President (nothing said by him for or against), the “Inquisition” is alive and well in Iran [where the beatings will continue until you submit]. Iran, having signed the U.N Declaration of Human Rights, is currently violating their agreement to this accord… persecuting a U.S. Citizen for his beliefs. With no activity to free him outstanding [of the type most effective] we can expect to see “a Darfur drag-out and continuation to such inhumane practices.” Please look for this link, to sign the petition or this one or this one to free this man, one attempting to establish orphanages in Iran when he was imprisoned for believing in Jesus Christ. Please know his family lives in Boise, his wife and two small children…. his name is Pastor Saeed Abedini.