Knowledge is like a boat…

sitting in its understanding we’d

not think about where it is, where

it’s going or the motion around us,

yet we’d be subjected to time on it

and not realize the changes taking

place around it… so secure all

is the same, unchanged; because

we did not think on the relativity

to its motion being relative or care

to know any more than our concerns

for a destination which we intended…

but if we were not aware we were

on a boat, the changes to our own

understanding, as knowledge, could

bring or bear changes to the very

knowledge we rely on… even to bring

the reliance of the understanding to a

point without the references we have

used as a means to what the rest of the

world might currently call the same thing…

though difference to the essence 

of that knowledge could exist.


As I wrote this I thought more of Einstein than not, and how he was so ‘on the money’ with the theory of relativity. When it comes to the knowledge of man or God… check out Psalms 118: 8.


The boat I refer to, in this piece, could be called the vessel we are in (vs. on) and that is the tent we call our body… the shell we know as what we think we are, and in truth it is merely a biological housing for our spirit; which is the truest ‘us’ we have. It is the spirit within us that is who we are… and it is the life force that gives to us the ability to be so animated… to feel with the senses is to understand this thing we call living… in the present setting. If it is to be clear, when you or I pass on, as the ‘dust to dust’ aspect of this… so to will the spirit continue- so prepare for that in the life you currently have or find nothing more than your here and now.