It is to such a terrible

experience that I face,

so fierce… as to cause me

great vexation and disgrace,

when my neighbor, Lawrence,

with his nose does prod and poke,

to the point of laughter…

me the source and butt of his joke,

he finds me in my very own 

yard, naked, talking to myself,

though not hopping or skipping

about like a nude mad little elf,

he found me sitting naked in

the bird bath… attempting to bathe,

he said later, to all he could,

just as the bubbles to fade,

he found me with one large bar

of soap… right there in my hand,

he said he heard me muttering…

as I, in turn, began to stand,

and what I mumbled… caused him 

to laugh, and to his knees he’d sink,

“Why is there always much more soap

than water in this bath… when I drink?”


There is nothing wrong with a little laughter… from time to time.