But for semantics, we choose now to

bicker over… heads, tails… still the

same coin,

offering only the choice of field…

now it is just the Corporate sponsors

whom adjoin,

with everything merging, countries too,

despite the pleas of the people therein

to appease,

we now firmly do careen, intertwined,

toward “the end justifies the means” and no


even when our institutions, public and

private, would dispose our rights… individually


could or should this be new by Charter…

circumventing what they say we are dying

to protect?

The boldness and difference between what

is said and what is done… will be a noose

around our neck!


When by Councils we proclaim affiliation to… before the declared papers ‘WE’ have respected and honored in the past… this the time there will be no right to stand and even whisper a voice used to tell of freedom bespoken and bemoaned. Is this what Eisenhower was warning us about?