Can my eyes be so gullible

and my heart not be deceived…

as when I’m in love,

and should I love my own way

as much as that… to be in

love itself, can’t my way then

not be affected too…

to overlook known flaws for

virtues realized, to accept

the whole of humanity for its

own… warts and all, and all

this for the chance to see

the beauty in all of us,

I can dream… can’t I,

then to wake up and find

nothing like it in our sight,

grubby hands and poachers…

money chasing thieves in suits,

and that would be those in power-

the ones shouting the loudest,

save us from that love…

hope not for that love…

things over people, where

even their money bleeds.


Let us not find there is but vanity to our actions… the sad sense of mimicry to repeat certain catch lines- the ones used to defend what we might believe is an attack. If it is an attack… then to say,”I feel: I’m being attacked, I’ll not listen to what you are saying or I’ll not hear the sameness of our differences- and push understanding away to arm’s length.” Should it be found no common dialogue can be started… which is the failure to lie on, the one found to inquire or the one refusing to answer? The brightest light is realized in the morning of the day. What is on your plate for breakfast?