I’ve come to the conclusion… two books do me no good if the first isn’t moving. So, I’m offering everyone that buys a copy of my first book (the digital version) and sends me proof of purchase (verified and validated) at              inkedhorse@inbox.com   I’ll send you my second book (an E-book) for ‘FREE.’ The first book is Inspirational poetry and the second is political poetry… both sides of the same coin. Read and write on! Sound radical, Free is good… Free is the way to go.

January 23rd through February 14th, 2013, in favor of Valentine’s Day… I will throw in another book [making it three (3) books] for the price of one. Love is the theme of my christian book of poetry (God’s love), the 2nd… a love /hate mix  (political) and the 3rd is called,”When plucked are strings of the heart,” a book of poetry all about love. The third one is a little rough but complete nevertheless. My first book entails one hundred forty six poems (146) with one hundred twenty eight (128) pages. The second book has one hundred thirty two poems (132) with one hundred forty seven (147) pages. my third book contains one hundred six poems (106) with seventy (70) pages. This makes for three hundred eighty four poems (384) and three hundred forty five (345) pages of material for the cost of but one (1) book. Please take a look at the sample here again. Should I find this campaign successful… it will not stop on St. Valentine’s Day, and it will be ongoing.

[ATTN: SUBJ… this offer is currently NULL and VOID. June 10th, 2014] PLEASE NOTE… NO ONE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER! You can now openly purchase three (3) of my eBooks through my eStore, URL listed below.

http://www.inkedvocabulary. com/