Hate is a strong word for a weak mind.

Sushi is for people who can’t afford to cook.

Hummers are just to pretty to see dirt.

My wife’s friend’s baby never used a diaper.

Shooting fish in a barrel is true sportsmanship.

Pedophiles can clearly be spotted by children.

Dogs only chase mailmen and women on Sundays.

I will dry 50 miles to use a free dryer.

Communism stopped when the Berlin wall fell.

Democracy works… ask anyone that likes Hamas.

Terrorists only come from Middle Eastern countries.

McVeigh was dangerous because of the box knife.

The Pentagon always tries to save us money.

Cheney is actually one of our best hunting examples.

Angela Davis was a very troubled Peace-nik.

Armies are best used to achieve peace by fighting.

The Queen supports donations to the Church of England.

Which statement is true?

Can we realize… the first is often last on our minds.