The bell will toll twenty eight times…

it tolls for memory to recall,

to think of just how precious was

the lives of each of those taken…

each a voice to be reckoned with

and heard, a spirit enjoyed and,

shortened, our time to live with them,

Newtown, Connecticut, this moment

is not your own… this is the reason

twenty eights bells will be tolled for… to

burn it in to our minds… it does more

than whisper to our hearts to know

this true, to know the bells that toll

here toll for: twenty children, a Mother,

six adults… and one more.


The bells will toll twenty eight times,

Newtown will never forget…

and we should always remember.

(Posted 7:16 AM Arizona time, December 21st, 2012… in the honor of those lost seven days earlier, December 14th, 2012)

Silence, ringing of bells to honor victims of school massacre