Test subjects… a lesson for the

world to see, measures to seek

nirvana, freedoms to be achieved

and realized as removal of true

nationalities are extracted and

replaced by another… one where

sheer desire is the impetus of

and for “The New World” mentality,

the order and structure a building

block… a mental and psychological

step to providing the pathway to

belief of and for the ease of

transferring national identity…

to see if people will be malleable

to such ideas and precepts… the

precursor to loss of the very

same values offered up, this is

the Petri dish of experimentation…

the soil to show substitution of

values and learned ideals can be

replaced with others… in the hopes

and pretense of improving the quality

of life… living, breathing subjects that

will, in due course, be guided and formed

to impose the will of the world, the

amalgam of people now with an identity

separate from the rest of the people,

raised to think, even with their new

found individuality, they are some how

above the world’s limitations… and not

susceptible to the world’s pressure to

bear on such determination, within a

couple of generations… how quickly two

hundred years flies, even when infiltrated

by the very same people that helped

to prop her up on unsteady feet,

attempting to be a beacon on a hill…

a vision and a model to be enamored,

emulated and fawned over, this was

the lofty and noble ideal to be achieved,

the sad truth is this would actually

make it easier to lead the people,

under this grand misconception,

to be used with out their cognitive

awareness even bothered… no red

flags of concern, no warning bells

and definitely no regard, of any

regular variety, to worry or awaken

the general populace, as a whole, to

the extreme situation they are

currently in, even worse… the mass

programs underfoot guided by old

eugenics plans in new hands, the

group of those with no platitudes

to offer… only graven desires to

secure and the means to accomplish

the end time measures to be doled

out and laughed over… truly trying

the souls of time and men caught

in the grip of “ad nauseam,” the moment

suspended precariously before the

body releases the soul or the soul

leaves the body… having given up on

the bodies ability to sustain this life…

any longer, the goals to fruition

could never be understood by the

people culled from the score

left… trained to be free, allowing

freeness the escape… so damn free

that they forgot to care if they

lost the idea and its meaning…

complacent to their descent and

the men driving them from fair

minded functions to thrive on dog-

eat-dog visions before putting

them down… fullness of the “NEW

WORLD for the ORDER left,” those

with the right to hold it… the ungodly.

Is this what Sir Francis Bacon meant by “The new Atlantis… the new world?” Below is a direct quotation (an excerpt or abstract) from his book,”The New Atlantis.”

 “The end of our foundation is the knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things; and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible.

Another of his quotes…

It is a strange desire which men have, to seek power and lose liberty.”

This is found below in abstract, taken from Biblical Philosophy (found here… http://biblicalphilosophy.org/Faith_Reason_Truth/Bacon_Reid.asp )

In the late 16th century Francis Bacon held that one (sic) unity of the sciences was the result of our organization of discovered material facts in the form of a pyramid with different levels of generalities; these would be classified in turn according to disciplines linked to human faculties.”