This is the scientific imperative to

true expectational results…

and would not be thought so

intrusive… should it be to life styles…

but to then be applied to one’s morals

is to deem it so that it would also

affix not the thoughts to individual

expressions more… than supposed denials…

it would be by the declaration, the

judgement, of any to oppose by loud

outcry… a tantrum of behavior thrown

in protest… the most vulgar to oppose,

given to the notion of no absolutes-

this is absolutely insane to seek to

deem anyone absolutely wrong, the

dictator built up to then surely depose,

so back we go to what is to be so

sublime… did Burke know true what

Kant can’t see… that fear attracts?

Sublime horror a pleasure and a fiction!

Here is to there and when there is

decried to be wrong by morals seen…

this is to shun the objectivity of such

issues, a ‘negative pain,’ pleasure of friction,

for Aristotle… ugly produced pain… a

scratching of mind, for Burke… intense

emotions could cause pleasure, light and

dark, since sublime, to be called his delight,

all I see is the delight in one’s

heart and desire to deride, this is

not fictionalized but realized, the

horror of humanity captured by sight.

This is where man can be led, by synthesis and vagueness… and gradualism, where truth is no longer the victor but estranged, left a stranger in a foreign land- a patch of ground we knew as our own, once, and now completely introduced from outside the realm of impossible to possible. This is to focus on the current political climate and the absurdity of one parties actions now worn on the other foot… how it leads to tantrum’s delight. Self absorbed is where we were… but it is so different when another exerts control. This is where one person can make false claims (to lie) and the claim will be treated as if it were legitimate… where proof by explanation could be considered to be harassment of the party which complained (though false claim was made in the first place). We see the same thing applies to the world and what is being done to Israel, under the efforts to have designated new borders- even a new Capital… from what has been historically acknowledged as their own.