It was Hickam Field that first bore the brunt

of the day of infamy, our hearts torn by shunt,

the same attack to sink most of our fleet…

the U.S.S. Arizona demoralized, sunken and beat

but it was the event of Pearl Harbor we’d see

that brought the war home, to touch you and me,

disclosed years later where, indeed… we knew

but for then, it ensured our involvement did ensue,

and under Roosevelt, we gave in to the notion of war-

the agony and tears, to defeat the axis our new chore,

that which brought the fight to us as if by floats,

and it was Rosie to build us those Liberty boats,

to build task forces so large… chasing wolves of the sea,

this what Pearl Harbor has ingrained, to my heart… means to me,

to remind me of my freedom… not take it for granted,

tell all we are Americans… not to be slighted…

and yet what comes will test us for our courage,

our mettle and our souls, to spite the upcoming barrage,

damn them to think we will just roll over… betray,

as those from our history we’d lose and live to defray

the importance of their lives given for freedom’s cost…

remember too, Patrick Henry, before memories are tossed.


The challenge for Americans, as a whole, is to never forget what was done to us all, what we did and what it will take for us all to continue in our future- should we be blest to have one.