Cosmetic Organic Cosmos…

from the vacuum of space

to the space between the ears,

sophomoric masters in a Bachelor’s

median profess the infinite in

reach of our touching minds,

the mind touches nothing-

our senses inverted to tell us of

right from the left and

left to the right…

all peering down the telescope

from the wrong end,

stubby fingers holding tweezers

used to try and catch elephants…

back-rooms and nicotined fingers

explore the desire to confuse

the masses as

molasses pours freely at centigrade

or absolute zero.


Cyclonic Colonic Debris…

fanned to sinuses bloom,

the sterility of mask and glove

where Petri-dishes won’t blush

or fade from depths of depravity,

the WMD’s we produce and posture

with denial, wave Fort McMurray…

wave of your kindest desires-

the darkest part of man’s soul can

not cover-up the Fisherkings you 

would become when mankind’s numbers

are reduced…

no respecter of Black, White, Brown, Yellow

or Red…

no pageantry to exalt, no honor, nothing valiant…

only coventry and pure evil,

lamest excuse for man to deem

so lofty a goal, denied the fertility

of heaven where all light is

the brightest lest ego and arrogance

dance beneath the stars on plains

of scorched acacia…

or where ignorance is found in runes

at a more Northern latitude with Alder,

Icelandic blemish to sky, the Earth

wheezing and convulsing.


Halcyonic Harmonic forgotten…

the space unaffected by Cain… the

Brother shown to manifest a loathing

for his own, murder quite becoming

to the story as charged with betrayal,

sparked with jealousy, misery lifted

from heart to actions so callously

tantrummed, stamping little feet and

raised fist to the heavens…

to pluck Pegasus of its wings and

man of his brains… seldom the thing

to do if the mean is to be met,

the average forsaken…

the mediocrity of man proclaimed as

the goal, the slaver’s delight,

the sands in the hourglass will wait

for no man… and for this reason

God Himself is the truest need

for man to call to…

“Save us from ourselves!”