“I will show you fear in a handful of dust”

                                 T. S. Eliot

It is only when we are empty

we can be refilled back to full…

It is only when we are broken

we can be perfected…

It is only when we are lost

we can be looked for and found…

It is only when we lose ourselves

we can give room for others…

It is only when we are in dire straits

we will then call out…

Should we ever want more for ourselves

we would leave less for all the rest…

the choice would lead us toward our own

deprivation, could we pass that type of test?

The damage is done… we’ve already gone to

that space, the place of our own selfish greed,

to assume we had any room left but what

we’ve taken… an assumption based on our need

to complete the cycle, everyone will be brought

in to control us… the freedom grown,

shall we not get what we deserve, even if we

think it to be something more to be shown,

were we to then feel threatened by a sudden

change to happen… we would kick and scream,

scream bloody murder- just like a child told

‘NO,’ acting out… to keep the cookies and cream,

must we be broken to find ourselves simply

struggling to maintain facades of our glory,

telling ourselves what we want to hear and

believing our own press, the boob and his story,

even worse to think it all true… taking our

own liberties for granted… listening to others,

to be led to conclusions other than our own… spoon

fed patriots… forgetting Americans are brothers,

no burnt offerings, no drink offerings… just vapors

rising from the hot rocks of our own indignation,

so nothing changes… nothing reached for, alas,

only the heads change… marching to our frustration,

the fears of all men to swallow, not being

remembered in the dirt and dust of history,

when we forgot others have needs too… to lead

us to disgrace… why we forgot is the mystery.