If there is but a logical reason

for everything that is done…

find me one salient reason for

‘political correctness,’ just one,

to rely on the emphasis of its

use leads one to thoughts of dread,

to bespeak of such things, in a

free society, is to soon see it dead,

there is political correctness found

in China… are we so found here as such…

or in the old communist Russia, to disagree

with the Czar… your life to mean so much,

don’t lose your own muchness, that which

 is seen to be you… as you are or said,

we are not the bastards they believe us

to be, No-no, our parents were surely wed,

and to feel the damned need to coddle

another’s feelings before we seek to share…

I think is so damned ridiculous, don’t you…

why don’t they simply grow a pair?

{Miasma: a highly unpleasant  or unhealthy smell or vapor, an oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere that surrounds or emanates from something}Image005-1