Has the pattern of governance we share been

repeated in past days, the Senate of Rome…

where within the chamber walls once was

known daily council, well ordered to the end,

whereby the citizens could so petition to rights

bestowed on them from the laws so timely passed,

making both confederacy and peace attainable-

to make a league of amity… confederate to defend,

what can be peaceably begun may wear its toll

within the sleeves of legality, unfurled deceit…

whereupon in time of need to be left behind

and indefensibly attired, incapable by lack,

this would be how we are in fine position now…

as the bills for services of: defense, medical

insurance, borrowing and other well intended

programs have run their course… not intact,

have we counted on our own so un-rationally…

to be questioning our allegiance so stated bare,

blindly trusting either party or due process to

gain us a voice to speak our mind and heart,

should we find true a libertine in the chamber

of the Senate, the heart and soul of our country…

wherein the nature of such individuals are for

their own… to understand it first a place to start.