“Grandfather, where can we find

the answers we need,” asked the child?

“Child, you will find the answers

you need in the garden of the wolf…

where the wind will bring you the 

answers you should feel, and touch…

there should be no stronger bond

than to self and to Mother Earth,

save for the Creator Himself.”


The child thought and said,

“Grandfather, why haven’t we

continued those ways…

how could we forget the needs of the

heart, the lungs needed to fill and 

the nose used to help one sense

danger or that which provides food,

life to continue… fulness found

within… for all around?”


“Child, not everyone sees the

signs as you will… a sensitive

is the sign of the snake… your

path is grounded by things of

the Earth, to see the path

of men, to whisper the faults

and not be understood is not

your concern, tell it from your 

heart with a straight tongue.”