How an announcer on CNN, and

I won’t even justify her name,

can say with a straight face…

something like,”The attacks on

Israel do not warrant an address.”

This is beyond me, thoughts

fly to a “One-to-one” basis for

my way of seeing it… if you’re

going to attack me… don’t be

surprised if you don’t suffer

the same- or even much worse.


Some in the west might say,”It’s a petty squabble” in the Middle East. To think this little of a centuries old vendetta, one leaving little to say or risk the flames of indifference to what I’m saying or not attempt to understand the motives or reasons an impasse to peace  there has been as obtainable as capturing steam in a bucket. One sided options, taken to an extreme (and growing more desperate by the day), and the nerve to fire rockets into Israel herself… this is not a peaceful action- to say or cry peace after you have shot rockets is not the time to consider the actions taken (or cry about how it looks to the world). If indeed peace was the desire… “Why did you allow the rockets to be shot?”