What is this bread of the forsaken…

‘the bread of sorrows’ of the forlorn,

that which will be the leaven of the

world, for those planned before born,

it is the trappings of money… of sure

desire to seek your riches on Earth,

to castigate all things before you…

your family, even relationships of worth,

placing importance of time so given

on the value of money more than God…

and to then think it will not lead to

sure sorrow… all head to the sod,

the dirt to swallow you whole, there

is nothing you can take with you…

but when you value your family with

the love of God, heaven bound it’s true,

this is what you can take with you past

the grave, relationships you’ve grown…

strive for more than the bread of 

sorrows, live for God and be God’s own.


When gain offered to commit to or for selfish reasons, mammon to rule everything in one’s life. What a kingdom some would build for themselves… only to lose it at the end.