So you claim to be a progressive

Feminist, a champion to those you

would place under your wing…

stop the whining!

Complaining and bickering about

what another believes does not

make you stronger to sing…

stop the whining!

My Mother never complained, even

to the point of her death, and we

didn’t know… didn’t suspect a thing…

stop the whining!

You can’t think that much of yourself…

if you would begrudge another of

their choice, their nose… their ring…

stop the whining!

A feminist: a strong willed woman-

but to create a veritable trap, one

designed for those you’d fling…

stop your whining!

This has nothing to do with: slander (not being false) or libel (a false statement)… for the party I’m speaking about has already maliciously maligned my own character, been the source of information used against me and has committed calumny against me. I was subject to her: insults, denigration and harassment prior to her saying,”I was the one that harassed her.” I say this now, being removed from the constraints of loosely interpreted guidelines… of Red Bubble (an Australian based artist community), where, without thought or reservation to my claim it is the truth (the veracity of my statement); furthermore, I would challenge the one that made the false claims against me, or to the company effected (Red Bubble) to stand up and try to take this to court… for then the whole truth will be exposed in the light of my claim. The feminist that lied on me and against me was none other than H.M. Bascom.

I must also add this, this is what you get from society being subjected to ‘gradualism,’ and used in tandem with ‘moral relativism.’ False claims will be looked at under the microscope of our scrutiny… based on the complaint and not from the fulcrum of truth, something we have all been acquainted with in the past. This is a ‘new world view,’ one that cares not for things as they were or to the truth of the reality one finds themselves in but to the one being unsettled in their own beliefs and would force you to change your behavior to suit their own. A society this happens in… has no liberty, in a society this happens in… all manner of choice is resolved.