When one looks up at the night

sky, by themselves, what will

stagger the imagination is the

eternal question… the one

question all of humanity needs

to ask of themselves,”In all of

what I see and understand of

existence… why am I here?”

It is only after asking this one

question can one gain the true

and proper perspective to build

upon, the basis for universal

truth, and this truth is found

when one realizes nothing is by

cause found from: accident,

mistake or error and creation

is more than merely a concept…

it is no different for mankind…

unless you still think your own

offspring can happen by chance,

that mankind cannot emulate God

by creating or bearing the same

divine traits… or that the reason

we look at the stars is found

within us- a need to know we are

not here by some cosmic accident.


This writing should speak to the heart of mankind’s very existence… and should make one ponder the finality of your own choices to a personal conclusion- if we exist then does God exist also? If you come to understand yes… then there is hope for you after all.