There is nothing worse than to be

deceived or to be betrayed…

but betrayal only occurs by someone

you know, one close… truth allayed,

no one would realize they were

going to have this happen so,

why would they… as you would trust

those closest to you, those you know:

friends in occupation… people with 

commonality… people safely known,

only to find sure acquaintance no

longer a bond worth what was shown,

this is a time people have no value…

when another person turns traitor,

no longer will any be thought of

so casually… mood the instigator,

logic holds no less distortion of the

truth than to be redefined, changed,

when no matter if to be wrong or

right… reality is then rearranged.


When laws, understandings and beliefs are subjected to changes which alter the meaning they once held is when the new (Neo) philosophies and practices will alienate those that relied on the outdated terms for soundness of reason and practicality… balance to their lives. The new form and mannerism taken to heart will create the imbalance needed to upend the whole of society, as it is known today, and leave us with the resemblance of what was… without the constitution of fairness and sense of wellness all have enjoyed- a time of inequality fast approaches. To act as if nothing has changed or see nothing apparent to the changes then implemented is to live either with denial or pure ignorance to the newness of the reality one lives in… now subject to the whims of the powers that be and the sudden shock to what can happen at any given moment.