My wife and I had our Halloween Party on the 26th of Oct., 2012, but with a new camera and no memory card… I was relegated to taking a few pictures, running to download them, and repeating the process. These are pictures of the aftermath of it all. I do hope you’ll enjoy them. Please indulge me this, the painful part of my passion for the day- also my anniversary. We held our party a little early so some of our guests could attend… that might not have otherwise been afforded the chance to come.

For those of you that were invited… and missed it (there were some valid reasons not to make it as well as many weak ones), The menu was: pizza bites, Coney Island corn dogs, Buffalo hot wings, deep fried mushrooms, Jack Daniel’s smoked sausages and my wife’s annual Alligator chili. We had: potato salad, coleslaw, peel and eat shrimp, croissants and cold cuts for your sandwiches and all the condiments and toppings you could think of. There was also chips of every kind, cheeses, meats and crackers… and dips a-plenty, and a couple of fruit and vegetable trays… the word of the night for those that did attend was ‘choices,’ and the biggest issue was what to try next. The three ‘gag’ items (pun intended) were: the sweet vomit, up-chuck chili and the tray of ear wax. The titles were inspired and please know they were all confections. Every one that came had a great time… and will be invited back again.

I hope your endeavors for the evening fare well and I wish all of you the best Halloween, and keep it safe and sane for the little ones. A Happy Halloween for 2012.Halloween 2012Halloween 2012... 2Halloween 2012... 3Halloween 2012... 4P1000112P1000113P1000114P1000115P1000116P1000117P1000118P1000119P1000121P1000122P1000123P1000124P1000125P1000126P1000127