How close does one need to be to

delusion to miss reality all together

or the illusion of living for nothing

but expectation, a fantasy in the mind…

avoiding real time… sorrow filling the

void, the state of being denial’s tether?

Allusions of self fulfillment in kind…

its been all in the mind, all in the mind,

the swing-set of the psychologist…

playground of connections in tune

with the voices of choice… the voice

heard internally, a grind on the mind,

the scrapings of reality left in the mix

that linger long past necessity… an after

life residual to annoy those prone to

be tethered to their own desires of mind,

the peels of verisimilitude now feeling 

harsher and rougher than before… the

leftovers of things thought to be nothing

more than idealistic conventions of the mind…

the contrast of a false idea, the horror is

to find yourself in the hands of a living

God when you have lived your life your

way… thinking God was a concept in mind,

never thinking on the real possibility of

His existence and without reason of your

tether, now His, to judge for the actions

which will be locked up in soul and mind.



Why people cannot fathom the reality of God existing is mostly due to time and distance away from dealing with this ‘as truth.’ When forced to come face-to-face with this… as most people today call it ‘the concept of God’… many would laugh it off and choose not to consider it as truth- preferring their own view of life they have either been spoon fed or have come to desire… calling it their ‘truth’ of choice. When God comes back, and He will… as was prophesied He would, it will be with a spirit of vengeance- those found without Him will be forced to His submission… hell is way to real to test the theory it is only a myth- one place I’d rather not go to or act as if I don’t care if I do or not. What do you think about?