Just beyond “the Stockholm Syndrome” is a new

one yet unnamed, unrecognized as a condition… a

stigma, a myopic excursion and diversion which

masks and supports the ongoing unique victimization

of a people… a way of life, definitions are so

lazy as to be hazy, unclear when some people

are used that used to be the very ones to suffer

from the very same thing… “capital exploitation,”

maybe expected from the conditions, similar to

their own… not having a choice is the key, and

yet, the oversight of not helping the very

country they’re in suffers first by indignation,

a young lady, named Erica Gonzales, working for

La Prensa… writes an article called “El Diario,”

pushing for her view-point to be understood and

in favor of humane treatment for immigration,

this push for tolerant treatment… heard on “Make

it plain,” with Mark Thompson, on Sirius left, Channel

146… but it assumes the people will immigrate and

not be the migrants they are… pure frustration,

capitalism has gone full circle… where from capitalizing

on free labor, with full blown slavery, to having

the view of what is really going on so blocked…

undocumented workers forced from economic migration…

and those that were suffering, originally, to aid

and gain voice to the inhumanity of the treatment

of the people that now overburden Social Services, the

Education system, Healthcare to the banker’s elation…

the upper class gloats from the lack of foresight

of the diminishing middle class and points to the

lower class… as the cause for hospital closures,

the demographic warfare used to collapse a nation,

if this is all caused by agreements of countries-

to allow as has happened… no voice was ever heard

by the collective country affected, democracy… I

see nothing democratic of dislike and precondition.


The difference between immigration and migration can be catastrophic to the place most affected by the transition of lives of one culture to another. Unchecked is: the condition of health, the status of the criminality of the individual, sponsorship is overlooked, identity is denied and legality is spurned for economic necessity. I would not deny someone legal entry to this country… my country but if it is not being done as immigration (just migration) it slights all true value and benefit for the country involved. I have many friends that are Mexican, and would fight side by side with them on any issue I felt they were right about… this is one of those that needs to be understood for the changing of definitions and how it is being handled on a day to day basis. Without supporting laws to apply… the law should offer no support to any that refuse to immigrate through proper channels- migration needs to stop. If there is no border left from the agreements in place (North American [UNION] Free Trade Agreement) then call it what it is… a lop-sided economic chain designed to remove our sovereignty… the goal is then realized as the problem and not the solution we are told, and no benefit to any party or people can ever come from the levels of deception we have seen by it.