Hobbled in actions one can take, decisions

to be made of our own free will…

these are where mandates and legality

lead us, less of well and more of ill,

hampered by fettered chains of

appointments made, other than our own,

the flag still flies for freedom but not 

our own… something chosen to disown,

to be used until we are used up… no

spirit left to warrant complaint or fuss,

I’ve not yet met another Veteran that

didn’t say the same thing or even cuss.


To stand and say nothing, without thought or ability to see the growing futility, is to accept a servile position the corporations gleefully enjoy… an economic choke hold of serfdom unknown before in our day and age. We say we have come a long way… and I say we are going backwards in our progress- having lost the ability or desire to look at what our past was or where we have been. To continue as we are will find us all in the chains of servitude… with no respect to who we are or what we have- status will not be what we thought and will avail none the promise we were told it would hold.