As if one can disassociate one’s self

from their own beliefs, a contradiction,

or offer such a thing as being relevant to

those believing life important, juxtaposition,

not wanting to impose on one’s beliefs is so

different… not forcing someone their choice,

and, yet strangely, this is what is being done, going

on… with HHS, abortion and the taxpayer’s voice,

to think there should exist a separation of a

person and their beliefs with what they do…

nothing could be worse than forced to pay

for what you oppose or don’t want, it’s true,

so which do you do, believe or not… and then

do what you don’t agree with, such a dilemma,

this forces one that follows Jesus to be so

bound, at odds with political… liturgical dogma.

This is the same thing Bush did to us over the war, we were forced not to say anything if we disagreed with himthe same tactics. This one simply strikes closer to the foundation of our beliefs, more eminent. To placidly do nothingsaying nothing is to completely disregard your beliefs if one has anythere should never be a time we are forced to do anything that violates the laws we have established in this country or that impel us to violate the requirements as God has instructed us to do from our beliefs. All this does is show you clearly those that are separated from God alreadydesiring you to be the same waywith or without your approval. Both parties have been complicit with this tacticit is just being noticed and we have a debt to China rising from borrowing from them for over ten years. What they do to us in our name is where the strife comes in… force yourself to see this plainly and take off your blinders.