When gently walks a soul comes

the time to grant us peace…

to know there was an inner strength

within, found to permit release,

to worry was not found leaning

around nor to doubt of faith,

comfort was not taken for granted…

sword of truth removed from sheath,

neath heaven’s stars… a full canopy

of promises given to a man,

long since desired to be there…

it comes for one that can

see their own life ahead and know,

beyond failing health, His peace…

found comfort in God’s surety,”Did

not Jesus pay in full the lease?”


It was not until the morning of Oct. 11th, 2012, did I correlate Dan Swanson with Daniel, and suddenly felt impoverished within my soul. I knew him as Daniel, I never called him Dan or Danny, and when it registered… I felt the full weight of what it means to lose a friend. This realization of who Daniel was, my dear friend that passed away, hit me like a ton of bricks. Many were the days he and I would discuss Christianity… to talk of the Pauline works (the writings of Paul/the Epistles he wrote) or on other more unfamiliar works of historic and Homeric consequence. He was well versed in history and the Bible… loved poetic endeavors, a fine confidant and friend, and he will be missed.

This writing is dedicated to his memory.


Russell D. Holder

Author of “FROM A GREATER HAND than mine”