For those with a trenchant passion to purpose

of selfishness… no amount of umbrage, so

easily offended, can trail to humor the soul,


the shadow cast to disparage one’s actions,

when in truth is to tell one they can’t do as

they have done, procedure was the goal,


nothing said mordantly, just correction… still

shadowed from intention taken wrongly, to 

stop and impugn, to need to query or question,


“How dare they!” There is no fixing the unbroken

state of expectation to infringed behavior when

grasping for their own egocentric perception,


wrapped up in one’s self and any disturbance

or shift from their own leaves them unsettled,

the direction of loathing affixed to your own…


the mercurial and capricious reaction so suddenly

foreshadows any little thing as being monumental…

the telling of rotten fruit of a soul never grown.


What is the worst thing a parent can do to their child… spoil them. To spoil or cater to their every whim is to see them go through life with this same expectation… thinking they can do no wrong and will always get their way. Is this not what happens to society when all absolutes are removed? This is what you get, on a sociological level, when society is introduced to “Moral Relativism,” and they believe it to be true.