Terrence Williams, in Philadelphia, should

be granted a stay of execution…

Yes, a death occurred but there was with-

held vital information to reach for solution,

extenuating circumstances… the jury should

have been told, the facts all on the table,

who can ever decide the right way when

such wrongs, done to him, disarm… make unable?

Victim of victimization… sexual assault was

possible here, two victims of but one crime,

take the death penalty off the table for

Terrence… it will be hard enough with time.


When members of the jury come forward… to speak out against the decision that was made it should wake people up to the possibility to a judicial travesty, an error in judgement committed. Validity of this being possible is where the consciousness of those speaking on behalf of their current feelings about the case involving Terrence Williams. If it is found where true is the statement of such sexual oriented crimes being committed against Terrence, and even others, then it could have been… could have been stemming from the impetus of these assaults the crime was enacted. Should this prove the case here… then execution is nothing more than adding wrong to a wrong- time would be more than enough to suffer for the consequences of what he did. The worst aspect to this is the benefit of truth was denied the jury, and the jury is the fulcrum of true justice in this country or there is more than the death of Terrence Williams we face- the death of justice itself.