It has been said,”Every coin has two

sides,” and I would disagree…

you have head and tail, without fail,

just how it looks to me


but you’ll have the interior and

the exterior as well,

it’s not like the coin itself is hollow…

merely left us as a shell,


does one side count more than the

other… surely not to tell,

so get to the heart of the issue

if you buy just what you’ll sell,


so too the coin, like any other topic…

in this instance ‘pro-life,’

it is not just meant to be as a sweet

sentiment to man or wife,


the right claims such strong concern

but to wedge issue alone,

the belief of such a suggestion holds

attention where its thrown,


find the subject true and concern

for it deep and well…

but it’s being used as a divining rod-

for what else to soon to tell,


the odd part is ‘pro-life’ begins in the

womb but runs throughout our life,

and all the ‘hawks of war’ are on the

right… the war machine’s strife,


they need more of our youth for the 

fighting and killing to do…

they cannot do this… to be this, they

cannot do it all without you,


when it comes to the left… they cheer

loudest from but the choice,

the choice and the chance to abort the

life contained… without a voice,


it matters more to them to have their

way, the sexual right of will…

for them to suffer no consequence…

it is all about the thrill,


this is not considering the choice was

made when decided to play,

regardless to all they knew to right or

wrong… or what God would say,


to regard ‘life as a punishment’ instead

of being valued for what it is…

to disregard who grants life to us all, it’s

God… all we have was ever His,


forever has God been the bearer and bringer

of life, the miracle of it in His hand,

see to it you try to comprehend so you too

can reach to make a stand…


now, here you go, this is my own view to

all this ‘pro-life’ stuff and why,

here you find ‘the coin in your hand,’ and

what you do with it before you die.