Recently, very recently, I heard someone say they thought ‘Bible Archaeology’ was an oxymoron. For those that do not believe in the Bible… I’m sure this could be a prevailing viewpoint but when it comes to science (Archaeology) proving things that are claimed in the Bible, this gives more credibility to the validity of what the Bible is actually telling us is ‘historical’ and ‘accurate.’ A person must then come face-to-face with this truth,”You can have your own opinion but you can’t have your own facts.” To know from a historical basis, there is greater significance to the history given us in the Bible… let alone the importance to all mankind of the very life of Jesus of Nazareth. I found a link for you to get a free e-book, provided by “the Biblical Archaeology Society,” and all you have to do is enter your name and e-mail. There is one book that talks about the trial of the century (regarding the “forgery trial of the Ossuary of James” [Brother of Jesus] and the results). This book covers the complete trial (a five year trial held in Israel) and involved: the artifact, the IAA (the Israel Antiquities Authority), the Israeli Police and the trial to prove or disprove the authenticity of the pieces shown and spoken of. The Author believes the accuracy of the artifacts provided here and claims the veracity of the trial as a solid victory to these beliefs- sound cause for imperishable enthusiasm. Please look below… and find the page to all the free e-books through this source.

To ridicule the very notion of ideas placed in the Bible, Torah or Dead Sea Scrolls (the latter listed also found to be from ancient times and of great Archaeological significance) is to say there is nothing of value here… and walk away (no better and no worse than when you found out they exist). Sadly, many people will shy away from the importance of human history, let alone the history of the people God has claimed as His own, but I find great the comfort of these historic finds. Not only does it strengthen my opinions and beliefs but grants me a deeper sense of peace to know from it… to feel the truth permeate my mind/body and lift up my soul and spirit. I’m also going to include more than enough links below, many could be found of personal interest and highly informative, let alone helpful in the struggle to maintain beliefs so fragile.

(This page has a link to “The Israel Museum, Jerusalem- Google Art Project”… simply fascinating)


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