Christina Green, age nine, the littlest victim

of violence in Tucson, Arizona, to soon…

so close to the gate of this man’s fate,

A man consumed with day to day life…

a twenty two year old… that had not yet

lived beyond his own days of his hate,

should it be found to be the reason young

Christina was snatched away from all of

us, a life yet to see her fullness in bloom…

may her memory, a life so young and tender,

serve us well… to understand fomenting of

hate will be that which secures our doom,

so lift her high… her youth a firm reminder,

the tragic consequences we all face under

such perverse scrutiny, not to see any good…

the good that may be just around the corner,

the streets of opportunity and tolerance…

where Christina stood- if only we could.

Sadly, knowing she was born on 9-11 [the day of this event itself] is enough to make one think more of her than not. She didn’t get the chance to fully enjoy her life… shortened by such selfishness so ill-conceived.