Dearest Madeline, Squire Madeline remember…

from within the fires of this cold December,

there will be no sparks of your life lost

in these hearts so near… to near the cost,

your touch will be within these our hands…

the same to be right here in these our stands,

and when thoughts of you try to slip away…

we should remember your compassion strong today,

the zeal for life you carried on with laughter

could never be felt by one quite brighter,

you’ve taught many by sheer folly to be

as you were… now for us all to then see,

and we would then lose you in heart for sure…

should we then not measure, allowed to endure,

can we not lose and emptiness surely to follow

if our memories would falter… our lives to go fallow,

we must remember, Squire Madeline, your spunk…

ever were you damn feisty… a frown to debunk,

you found true a space in your living to share

and taught us your way; which reached forth from care,

that smile displayed prominently and none could deny

you your devilish fun humor… though some would so try,

you cast all doubts to the wayside, you did ignore…

for you knew love is a treasure in heart to go store,

but sadly they don’t realize the lessons you taught…

to try as you did, heed the trap, be not caught,

your zest was the best… find some cause to smile,

to find even you in our thoughts for more than awhile,

you’re the ideal to afford us our laughter too new…

for it came from your heart, you were true blue,

to give to the point of your own sacrifice, of course,

the twinkle in your eye… that gleam as a source,

there was no dirt under your goal but for glee…

those are the times so tender and special to me,

to have stopped and made it a point to then talk

and share of your life… your time… your joy to so walk,

to jump out and startle the rigors of life so gray…

was this not to our honor… your way to go sway,

to learn to kick about the Autumn leaves high

in the air, without cares… an earned child-like sigh,

’tis from the simplest joy… the moment we share…

this way your life and be damned if you dare

not to satisfy the inner child inside us all now,

to stupidly let them wither as lost in the how

we allowed it, to just cower to fun… not your way,

this not of your life… you took time to then play,

so dearest Madeline, though you left us behind

and the pyre goes to ashes… the ashes we find,

but the light of your life glows on in my heart…

I find this not a finish… quite truly my start

to the rest of my life… though days may be numbered,

you see, you’re still here and dearly remembered,

and though we’ll not see you or touch you no more…

who knows in the grand plan what we have in store.

Can you tell us now… past those gates where you’ve gone?

Can you not wink and whisper back from the yon?

Is there found no other place than the heart between

that will offer us forth feeling and what it does mean?

I will think back on those pranks you did play…

even the littlest things… the things you would say,

so it is in this dirge that will not be found…

it is that we call sadness to never abound,

you showed us more than that… your mission to jest,

and then you sent us out and gave us to test-

as it is now… as you’ll not be here to so spurn,

forced on to lead and show the lessons to learn,

the spirit of a sprite, to dance with a wink…

we saw the frivolity that caused us to think,

if there was nothing more to learn in this life

we would not be challenged without all the strife,

and so the deepest place you have seared in intent

was your lesson of time, be happy when it’s spent,

so this is for your life to a full Seventy Five years,

let us live out our lives and minimize our tears

as you have, Squire Madeline… to us as you lent.