“Importance vs. impotence”©

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Sally Kohn came out with a liberal

statement about Boehner and the Right,

now I hear she’s leaving CNN… on

the run… the fly and out of sight,

imagine the nerve of ‘the Right’ to

protest and sue in court… injustice,

not too unlike ‘Watergate’ back in

the day,”IRS-gate,” now that’s justice,

I guess no one will ride Sally here…

no rag doll to throw down and face,

the sting of Public Decision and clue

deciding the outcome and due disgrace,

Presidential appointments under faux

recesses, created to place in position…

despite legality… due process and the

protocol of the Executive indiscretion,

and this “IRS-gate” exceeds 18 minutes

of tape… Sally knew which more important?

Her disgust over suit vs. Republican or the

“can do it as I will” mentality so impotent?


Is that wind in her hair, as she puts it, in this ‘Ted Blog” and story found here. Now it seems she will turn out against emotional and racial equality before this whole thing is through. Was FOX correct in their over-reaching decision??? I would hate to agree with them on this one… but I have to!

(P.S. I’m a Liberal too!)


Flash flood warning yesterday… listen well if you hear the same thing!

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It was reported with the National weather Service, yesterday… July 10th, 2014, Mohave County, Arizona, as having possible flash floods. Take a look at what happened in the front of my house… and ask yourself if your day was as damp?

Just a little water

Just a little water

A little more water

A little more water

A torrent!

A torrent!

Hello water

Hello water

Now what?

Now what?

Glad I don't have to go to work to

Glad I don’t have to go to work to

Just think if you got caught in a wash... not just looking from your home?

Just think if you got caught in a wash… not just looking from your home?

“Great news… my second book of poetry [political] is now on Amazon Kindle- just in time for the Fourth of July”©

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Test yourself on the Fourth of July, 2014, and find out which of the two birds you are closer to, the eagle or the ostrich, as they are depicted on the cover of my second book on Amazon Kindle. See below…

My second book on Amazon Kindle today

My second book on Amazon Kindle today


“Follow the bouncing ball… whose court?”©

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Donald Sterling, he is banned for life from

the NBA, all for his clear cut racism,

this at a time when the State Dept’s

top official, John Kerry… apologism,

for him saying,”Israel could be an Apartheid

State,” and this not hate speech, anti-Semitism?

Nine (9) months of diplomacy pushed back…

shirked and disregarded,”Is this antagonism?”

Flushed by being found out… the disgrace

of his pointed statement and no surrealism,

if what was said was intended, with sure

forethought, it smacks of jaded globalism!


How is it not OK for an NBA owner… but OK when someone is in a bigger seat of power and influence [representing a Nation here]… and this is suppose to be representative of being done in our best interests? Poppycock! Both comments were captured in a private setting… but laid bare to the court of public opinion- quite telling of how either of these two feel about their topics of choice and equally hateful when using the same standards of thought and reason to gauge them for and from. I see no need to distinguish them as being separate from one another but of the same caliber and scope for the hate contained in them both.







“When rules are for fools”©

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As flattery worships at doubtful feet

it pushes certainty to the side,

“There is no need for reason,” is heard,

there are no decisions to then deride,

there would be no questions asked if

there is no right… no wrong,

and secure in doubt are they then

satisfied… there is no cage, their song.


After hearing about the passing of Maya Angelou (April 4th, 1928- May 28th, 2014)… I couldn’t help but think of one of her more famous works,”I know why the caged bird sings.” With the recent push-back from feminist groups (over the Santa Barbara slayings), being a woman is seen as the chance to proclaim independence from the thoughts of misogynous men. The problem with this (here in this setting) is where one could speak out against things used by this clown… really a hater of himself and one misguided young man thinking sex is an expectational right. I do expect more people to come out against guns here… and it would be but one of the topics involved throughout discussions found caused by this one event.

As to independence for women… I don’t think that can be realized until: ‘female mutilations’ are stopped in cultures they flourish in, it would be considered wrong for people to put to death a woman for what she believes or when killing occurs because a child is born female. As to guns… this guy used a knife and his car as a weapon also. I find more credibility to the argument against guns leaning in favor of the shared burden found in the societal community: Psychiatric (mental state of an individual seen and known to be unstable) silence, issues of the State and juvenile records sealed (lost ability to validate the state of mind or signs of trouble) to harbor and foment issues of legal concern and, lastly, the due diligence for having the Right to bear arms is for sane people to be able to defend themselves- not insane people to use on the general public at large.

Maya had it right, there can be issues around issues… and we can take issue against the issues as we perceive them to be without speaking of them directly or indirectly. As it comes to the issue of respect, this lone issue is the issue I address in my own work… as there are people telling us ‘moral relativity’ is the new norm- but it would be left to the individual to decide what to speak against or whom. It appears the caged mind wins… and those who would like to think for themselves (on behalf of others) are just primed for the net of this new reality- when the weakest part of the chain appears to cry foul and not have to prove the claim themselves.

“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.”                Maya Angelou

“Inkedvocabulary.com™” is open for business!

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There is Nothing better than to realize one’s hopes and dreams are reachable. This is the case for this writer today… and right now. God has blessed me here with a gift… the gift of writing and a telling of what is in my heart- and on my mind.


I’m proud to be able to tell you of an e-store, my e-store, called,”Inkedvocabulary.com™… where one can go and purchase an eBook for: full price (like offered through Amazon Kindle for my first book… and second coming soon), ten percent off (who needs coupons… get 10% off if you want it) or (our best offer) twenty percent off if you’ll simply like us through social media (take 20% off the price and like us… what’s not to like here). I would sure appreciate your kind word or support by ‘liking us’ through social platforms… it could make a big difference.

With a writer’s heart so full,

I remain,

Russell D. Holder

My third book and the cover design is by Shayani Ann Turko Shayani@Iamdarkbutlovely.com

My third book and the cover design is by Shayani Ann Turko

My second book and the cover design was done by Scott Black http://www.redbubble.com/people/scottb1977

My second book and the cover design was done by Scott Black

My first book and the cover design was done by  Belinda J. Borradaile borradaileb@yahoo.co.uk

My first book and the cover design was done by Belinda J. Borradaile

The store is brought to you by 3dcart... and the very helpful people there- this I can attest to personally. Great people there... and they can help you also!

The store is brought to you by 3dcart… and the very helpful people there- this I can attest to personally. Great people there… and they can help you also!

“Exposing the heart of Shariah law”©

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The toddler, an American citizen, sits next to

his expectant Mother in a Sudanese prison,

the Mother and child sit… waiting for the rest

of the world to decry her situational reason…

and the reason, when after she gives birth,

she’ll get one hundred lashes with the whip…

then be put to death just for what she believes,

barbaric… with Shariah law to so  equip,

the Mother, Mariam Ibrahim, sentenced to this

fate for being a criminal… a christian believer,

U.S. Diplomacy needs to rescue them or just

like Ben Gazi… hate wins over love, deceiver!


When will the value of life be more important than having someone accept what they do not believe is right for them (by their own choice)… acting from the hate of who they believe in or acting against life itself. There can be nothing more unnatural than a child without his Mother… removed by laws of man against mankind- against humanity itself. See what god desires this… this is not the monotheistic God people think it is- the same as the Hebrew God… the God of love and life.


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